1.EPT for Doctoral Students in 2nd Semester /2017
For Doctoral students register in 900014 EPT in 1st Semestert/2017, please look at the instruction for the Test *** here. (Click)*** For more information, please call the Schedule Division at 3019, 3022-3.
ANNOUNCED BY   The Schedule Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   21 November 2017
 2.Congratulations! Results of EPT in 1st Semester/2017
Results of English Proficeincy Test for Ph.D students for Trimester 1/2017
ANNOUNCED BY   The Evaluation and Graduate Information Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   25 October 2017
 3.Undergraduate and postgrduate student manual of the academic year 2017
New students of the academic year 2017 can study the detail of students' manual at
- Undergraduate Manual
- Posgraduate Manual
ANNOUNCED BY   The Registrar division   ANNOUNCED DATE   16 November 2017
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